A nurse's story


Perhaps fifteen minutes later the pair saw Malcolm walk in with a several of his friends. This was something Carol hadn't expected, but admitted that she was certainly excited to see him. She didn't know any of the other men though, and neither did Susan. They knew, however, that none of them were from the hospital staff.

The four men came over and joined the women at the table and sat down. Malcolm introduced Antwan, Duane, and D’shawn. He explained that they were all members of his basketball team in the city's adult recreation league. Providing introductions, Malcolm explained that Antwan worked as a loan officer at a local bank, while Duane was a lawyer and D'shawn was a high school coach. The group started talking and the men bought Carol and Susan several drinks over the next hour.

It was almost five o'clock when the men suggested that they all get something to eat in the hotel restaurant. Susan said, "Oh no, not for me. I have to get home. Carol, what about you? are you going to be staying?" Carol knew she was entirely too drunk to drive and planned on leaving. She intended on calling Greg, her husband, to come pick her up. Carol assured Susan that she would be fine told her that she would call her. However, Malcolm then suggested that she go back to his home nearby and have another drink, assuring her that he would then get her home.

Carol knew that she should leave right then; however, for some bizarre reason, Malcolm’s suggestion made sense. She told him "Why not, but that I can't be out too late either. I better call Greg." She called her husband and lied that she and Susan were going out for the evening. There was a pause and then Greg said, "Okay." Pausing again, he continued "Be careful and get a ride home if you’re too drunk." After she hung up, Malcolm said he'd that he'd take care of her and get her home. Susan was concerned and feeling reluctant to leave, but she got up and prepared to leave the bar.

They all walked Susan out to her car and she gave Carol a wink as she got in. "Well, Carol, have a fun evening and tell me about it tomorrow." When Susan's car pulled away, Carol got into Malcolm’s Honda and the two drove a few blocks off of the main thoroughfare and into a quiet, secluded neighborhood. The couple drove without a word being spoken, lost in their own thoughts. Carol's mind was swirling, recalling the storeroom experience and anticipating what she hoped would happen at his home. Even so, she was surprised when Malcolm's friends pulled in the driveway behind them and asked him, "Did you know they were going to be coming over too?""

Malcolm said "Yeah, I'd invited them to come with us and we would all have a little party." He grinned and continued. "Now, you treat my bros right and they'll give you the night of your life." He laughed and winked. Carol was more than a little drunk, but she quickly realized what kind of party he was talking about and that she'd be the center of attention for an interacial gangbang.

They all went inside the spacious and surprisingly well appointed house. Malcolm directed everyone into the living room and went into the kitchen to prepare drinks. Carol found herself sitting on a couch between Malcolm's friends Duane and Antwan and as small as the couch was, the three were crowded quite close. Malcolm returned to the living room and passed out the liquor. After several moments, Duane and Antwan began rubbing Carol's body through her clothing while the conversation continued and everyone sipped their drinks.

Everyone was laughing and talking as the additional alcohol continued to break down Carol's remaining inhibitions. She really didn't understand what everyone was talking about other than the evident fact that she was laughing and having a really good time. Because of the alcohol, her head began to swim in erotic thoughts. The two men beside her took turns kissing her, probing her mouth with their tongues. Carol was surprised that she was enthusiastically kissing them back, probing with her own tongue. After several minutes, Duane peeled off her scrub top, while Antwan began to work at removing her white scrub pants. Carol gave out a drunken laugh, and thought "Oh yeah, this evening is going to be something special!" Even so, she said, "I think you better stop what you're doing, because ... .." She never completed the sentence because suddenly Duane unsnapped and removed her bra and started sucking and caressing her nipples while Antwan resumed his efforts with her hospital pants.

Carol didn't struggle, and in no time they had her completely naked. Antwan tossed Carole's panties to Malcolm and the men all whistled in appreciation of Carol's shapely body. Duane and Antwan continued running their hands all over her body, especially between her legs. Carol leaned back on the couch and spread her legs further apart, giving them a better opportunity to let them do anything they wanted. She closed her eyes and put her hands behind her head as she leaned against the back of the couch, enjoying their caresses.

As Antwan reached down between Carol's legs, he fondled her pussy and was quickly joined by Duane. Carol drunkenly giggled again, surprised at her wontoness. Certainly she was bothered by these black strangers feeling her private parts, but it felt so good that she wanted them to continue. She knew she was drunk and knowing the men were abusing her actually excited and aroused her. She could feel her pussy juices flowing profusely, quickly coating the men's fingers. Surprisingly, Carol quickly experienced her first orgasm of the evening prompted by just their probing fingers alone. It was overpowering and she truly thought she was going to pass out from the combination of booze and sexual arousal.

"This white bitch likes it," chuckled Duane. "Now, let's see how much she likes this." He unzipped his slacks and extracted a fully erect seven inch cock and pulled Carol's head into his lap. Carol obediently opened her mouth and began to enthusiastically suck his rigid cock. "Hey, Gimme some of that!" said Antwan after a few minutes watching the action. "Don't I get some?" Duane agreed and Carol felt her head being pulled to the other side to suck another firm, throbbing cock. This one was about the same size, but seemed even thicker than the first one. She sucked Antwan's cock deep in her throat, making soft humming sounds as she did. She gradually worked her mouth all the way down his organ until she felt her nose reach his kinky pubic hair. Malcolm watched the three and told Carol to go ahead and suck them both off, "You need a mouthful of hot cum, woman." he chuckled.

Carol increased her efforts, sucking eagerly until Antwan finally thrust up violently and climaxed with a thick load of creamy white sperm. Carol swallowed every drop, then directed her attention back to Duane and swallowed his swollen shaft. She worked her magic on his cock and was quickly rewarded with an equally thick white load. As his climax subsided, Carol scooped up a few drops of cum that had dribbled out the corners of her mouth and licked them from her fingers.

Even in her drunken and lust-filled condition, Carol realized that the other two men in the room had shed their clothes and were now completely naked. D’shawn pulled her forward and up off the couch, pushing her down on her knees on the floor. She was kneeling in front of Malcolm and D'shawn, each with huge erections, taking them in each hand and began stroking one while she sucked the other. Carol didn’t hesitate, but inhaled Malcolm's cock all the way to the base in one smooth plunge. She made sloppy, sensual sucking sounds with her mouth as she worked him back and forth and finally deep into her throat. It wasn’t long before her strenuous efforts were rewarded as a thick load of creamy semen flooded her mouth.

She had barely swallowed that load, when she turned her attention to D'shawn. His cock was a little shorter, perhaps six inches, and very slender. She giggled, humorously thinking "Why, he's a real 'pencil dick'!" Even so, she lavished sloppy kisses and licks on the man’s shaft before sucking him all the way. D'shawn was patient, enjoying every moment with this skilled white woman and she worked on him for quite a while the other men cheered her on. After about five minutes of her exquisite cocksucking skills, he also blew a fresh load of cum down her throat.

As she swallowed the last of D'shawn's sperm, Carol looked up to see the other three naked men standing around her, black skin glistening in the dim light, looking down on her and stroking their cocks. "Look at her, she loves this shit," said Duane "She be nothing but a true whore," said Antwan. Carol was beyond caring what they were saying; all she wanted was for one of these men to slam his cock into in her foaming hot pussy and fuck her. As she was pulled to her feet, Malcolm said, "We’re gonna use you, Mrs. Wilson. We gonna fuck your white ass silly!"

Duane grabbed her and led her to the large coffee table and pushed her on her back. He spread her legs and said, "Get ready to fuck, bitch!" He wasted no time and rammed his stiff cock into her drooling slash, driving it all the way in without a pause. In spite of her wanton needs, the force of the thrust elicited a loud grunt from Carol. She concentrated on the fat dick that was starting to fuck her hard, sliding over her swollen clitoris with each probing thrust. "Fuck me, damn you!" she wailed, "Fuck me." Considering her agitated state of arousal and provocative words, it didn’t take much of this before Duane closed his eyes and blasted her cunt with his hot, creamy sperm.

Next up was Antwan and when he entered her pussy, he took his time and slowly, deliberately wormed his thick shaft all the way in. Carol lost it again, seemingly in one sustained orgasm as she screamed in sexual release. She began wildly thrusting against him, humping her hips upwards to get even more of his black cock up her pussy. When he reached his orgasm, after quite a long time of hard fucking, she came with him in yet another crashing orgasm of her own.

Malcolm was behind Carol and rolled her over. She spread her legs, and he plunged his huge cock into her already saturated pussy. She was so wet at that point that he slid in easily. He laughed and said "This white girl, senior nurse Wilson, is more than ready and willing to take a lot of cock in her. What do you think? can we help this cock-hungry white bitch out?"

The others laughed and shouted approval. Antwan said, "Fuck her in her ass, bro!" Malcolm laughed again and asked Carol "Would you like that, Mrs. Wilson? Do you want me to fuck you in the ass?" Carol quietly moaned, "Yes." Malcolm chuckled again and told her to beg him to fuck her in the ass. Carol anwered with a near scream, "Please fuck me in my ass! Shove that big black cock of yours in my ass … please!!!"

Carol couldn't believe that she was actually pleading this erotic and sensual request, especially in a room full of black guys that she had fucked and sucked! Malcolm pulled his dick out of her pussy and she felt his cockhead pushing against her rectum. This time she did feel pain as he first penetrated her. She screamed, which only made the men laugh. However, before she could make any more sounds D'shawn grabbed her by her head and shoved his cock into her mouth. As he started to thrust it in and out he said, "Here’s something for you suck on, bitch!"

Malcolm's thick shaft battered Carol's rectum, slamming in at out as he shouted, "Take it, bitch! Take all my cock! Oh, fuck! Her ass is so tight!" Carol moaned around D'shawn's dick rammed past her sucking lips, lost in her own sexual overload. Probably ten minutes passed before both men reached their climax, pouring even more semen into her body.

After that they all took turns with the exhausted Carol until she could barely stand. Antwan sat on the couch and told Carol to straddle him and sit down. Weakened, Carol did as she was told and he grabbed and positioned his cock and the moment she sat down he drove his cock deep in her rectum. Pulling her body back, he told Duane "Fuck the white bitch’s pussy now!!" Duane didn't hesitate, sliding his cock against the lips of Carol's steaming slash and driving it home. Now Carol had two huge black cocks probing and thrusting in her body. The double penetration prompted yet another orgasm and she ground back against their cocks in frenzied response. The action only made the men fuck the sex-crazed woman all the harder, which in turn making her orgasm more. With a howl, Antwan was the first to reach his climax, flooding her ravaged rectum with his steaming hot cum. He was quickly followed by Duane, who blasted another load into Carol's sodden, well-used pussy.

They gradually stopped their fucking and they turned Carol over to be violated by the other two black men. She was rolled sideways to Malcolm's waiting cock. Facing Malcolm, she was lifted and firmly impaled on his rigid shaft as he pulled her body toward his chest. D’shawn then crouched behind her, positioning himself and slid his cock in her battered rectum. In spite of the akward position, the two men began fucking her, shaking her weakened body like a rag doll. Seeing his opportunity, Duane stood up on the couch and grabbed the mature woman by the hair, shoving his cock back into her mouth. "Clean my cock, bitch!" he screamed. Antwan cheered them all on, stroking his cock as he watched Carol getting fucked in the pussy, ass and mouth.

Carol's loud moans, the sounds of the men grunting, and the emotion of the experience drowned out everything. Carol's mind was swirling for what seemed like hours, then she heard Malcolm grunt and say "I'm cuming in that white pussy of yours!!!" and Carol felt his load spurt deep inside of her. Moments later, D'shawn groaned and said "Oh, fuck! Oh yeah, feel a load of nigger cum up that tight white ass of yours! Oh, fuck yeah!" as he loosed his own flow of steaming semen into her rectum.

After a few moments, Duane pulled out of Carol's ass and then she staggered off of Malcolm. She was so weakened by the fucking that she couldn't stand up and slumped down next to him, exhausted and nearly comatose, She could hear them all of them laughing and hooting as Malcolm said "Mrs. Wilson is the kind of white girl who loves getting gang-fucked by niggers."

And, just that suddenly, the gangbang came to a close when Duane threw her a towel, and said, "We're done and you needed to clean up." The others began to clean up and get dressed. Malcolm turned and quietly asked her, "Mrs. Wilson, are you okay?" Carol didn't quite know how to answer him. Her pussy burned and her ass was on fire and her jaw had been outrageously stretched. She could barely move her legs and her arms were like rubber. But, she knew that she had never experienced as many orgasms as she had that night, perhaps in her entire life. Here she was, a respected nursing professional, sitting on a couch her white body totally naked after having been gangbanged by four black guys. She knew she should feel humiliated, violated, and ashamed; however, instead, she was totally turned on and aroused by the the fact that she had indeed been gangbanged by four black studs!

After she had recovered somewhat and the other men had left, Carol had Malcolm drive her home and that's when she looked at the time on the dashboard clock. It was almost eleven. She had been fucked almost constantly for almost five hours.

On the way home, neither she nor Malcolm spoke as she replayed the events of the evening in her head. In doing so she realized that she was getting aroused again. She knew that she'd been fucked like she'd never been fucked before in her entire life. She was ashamed at what she'd done at Malcolm's house. She'd been completely ravaged by four black men. Still, she was amazed at her eventual enjoyment of the ordeal, as evidenced by the moistness of her pussy in her renewed arousal.

Malcolm dropped her off at her home and she quietly entered the darkened house. Greg had obviously gone to bed. She climbed the steps to the bedroom and stripped off her scrubs, bra and panties. After a long, hot shower, she slipped into the bed. Her huband, awakened, sleeply asked, "Have a good time?" Carol, answered answered a brief "Yes," then turned over and pulled the covers over her. She immediately fell asleep and as she slept, she had some positively outrageous dreams.









A nurse's story